I’ve not been writing much since my fall – mostly because initially I could not, then there was that bone in my hand out of place.  Well no excuses anymore.  I wanted to update that an essay I wrote for an anthology is now available in print!  It is my first essay published in an actual book.  Pretty cool stuff!!  I have not yet seen a physical copy of it, but I am headed out to the post office today to anxiously stand near my box and wait for my copies to come in!

It is a wonderful (I say that in full confidence) volume called “Dine, An Anthology”  “This anthology captures 20 stories about diners and family restaurants. On the menu, you’ll find rich and flavorful essays that drip with detail like au jus on a daily blue plate special. Our contributors transport us to diners in center cities, small towns, and along desolate highways. At these restaurants, they come of age, celebrate life milestones, recall days past, find themselves, and fall in love.”

You can purchase it directly from the publisher at this link or by clicking on the logo or image of the book:

Dine Anthology.

It’s always super nice to support small publishers by the way.  I hope you will buy it and read it and let me know what you think.




Once you read it you will understand this.  My friend and I did have a nice sized win (winner, winner, chicken dinner!) a couple weeks ago.  Last Saturday I had the most wonderful “All Ham’s On Deck” for breakfast – which, while it is no longer on the menu, I seem to know how to get.


One thought on “Writing

  1. OK – I will order my copy to ship to you to sign! I am excited to see it’s finally in print. Just like a belated holiday gift surprise. This is further testament to the quality of your work and personally, I think the recognition is only the beginning. Way to go Kim!! So proud of you.


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